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We’ve Only Scratched The Surface

i Jan 8th No Comments by

It all started with one big announcement from Jeff Brunelle, Co-Founder and CEO of, the first ever Grow The Game Tour was on, an idea four years in the making, but there was a kicker – we needed your help.

A month later, with the help of 73 of our most loyal supporters and Easton Lacrosse, we were able to raise over $12,000 and make our idea a reality, securing stops in Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and California.

We spent the next month planning our every move along the trip to ensure that it would be as powerful as possible and each community we reached out to would be positively impacted by our presence.

Over the next week, we will begin recapping each stop along our trip and showcasing all the great moments along the way. We want to become the quintessential example of growing the game at its finest and offer you an opportunity to bring it to your community. While the 2012 Grow The Game Tour was a huge success, we know lacrosse has so much more potential for growth and we have barely scratched the surface of growing the game nationwide, and even further.


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