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GTG Tour: Seattle

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Even as lacrosse has grown, it has continued to remain a small community, if nothing more than as a mindset. This was never more prevalent than while in Seattle. We were able to be a part in the Seatown Classic at the Starfire Sports Complex between Denver and Maryland. We set up a booth and were allowed to put on impromptu clinics and games with everyone who came by on a smaller field located right next to the main one where the game would be played.

Lacrosse enthusiasts young and old would be walking by our booth checking out the sites and immediately do a double take when they would notice Mike Powell doing stick tricks and hanging out in front of the giant Grow The Game Tour banner. You couldn’t help but smile when each player would be immediately overcome with shyness as they nudged their buddy, who also stood there a little starstruck. After a little coaxing from each other or one of the GTG Tour staff members, the players would hustle over and begin to absorb every word Mike spoke. This was the theme throughout the entire day.

We were able to also walk around the complex and check out some of the other events going on – there was a coaches clinic, practices with the Denver and Maryland players, and then of course, the Grow The Game Tour! This was a wonderful day for lacrosse in Seattle and was capped off by a very competitive and fun game between both teams in front of a sold out crowd.

Check out some of our favorite memories from Seattle below.


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