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GTG Tour: Portland

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As soon as we secured a stop in Portland, we knew we would have to team up with Rhino Lacrosse to put on something super fun and extra special. With Easton Lacrosse talents Mike Powell and Matt Gibson on the Dutchie, the Rhino gang got the idea to put on the 2012 GTG 3.3 tournament with Rhino Lacrosse (against pros!) to help complement our stop there.

After a couple days of catch-up and hard work in Portland, we packed up the RV and headed out to a local high school to take in the GTG Tour stop in Portland. The event would take place under the lights on the tennis courts at the school, the perfect atmosphere for some game growing. Ryan Powell, Mike Powell, and Matt Gibson warmed up and began the onslaught of young laxers. It was a spectacular event and any team that wasn’t playing, was either anxiously waiting for their turn or taking in the Grow The Game activities on the other half of the courts.

The night ended with three exhausted pros and a ton of hyped up kids. What better way to inspire the future of lacrosse, then to allow them to play with three of the best players in sport?

Check out some of our favorite memories from Portland below.


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