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GTG Tour: Hermiston

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After an inspiring trip first leg of our trip, the entire GTG Crew was nothing but excited to hit the road for round two. Our first stop would be Hermiston, Oregon, while on the way up to Seattle for the Seatown Classic.

The Hermiston Clinic surprised the entire crew and became the best way to start the second leg of our trip.

We packed up the headed for Hermiston. As we drove across Oregon, the clouds start to gather and brought about a pretty ominous atmosphere to the day.

We were somewhat worried this would affect how many players showed up to the event. We were very pleasantly surprised though, because as we walked around the corner of the school, we were greeted by 40-50 young lacrosse players already on the field, passing around. Like he knew we had arrived, the first thing we saw was a D pole ripping a shot top corner off a pipe – talk about making an entrance!

We love seeing kids who could care less what the weather is like, as long as they get a chance to play lacrosse. Thanks to some great collaboration with the local lacrosse program, we were able to bring in kids from several of the surrounding cities, some even make the trek down from Washington.

We look forward to seeing some great things come out of Hermiston and the rest of Eastern Oregon as the game continues to grow more in that area. Check out some of our favorite moments from the GTG Tour stop in Hermiston, OR below.


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