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GTG Tour: Denver

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Our very first stop on the tour was in Denver. While not a part of our RV trip around the West, it was just as special and impactful for those involved. The Duel in Denver between USA vs. Canada was also that weekend so we were very excited to take in all that Denver had to offer.

Saturday morning we started off the day with a very special clinic with Easton Lacrosse and Denver City Lax. Cort Kim, Mike Powell, Matt Gibson, Brett Queener and Henry Fitzpatrick rolled up in their rental van, filled with Easton Lacrosse gear for the Denver City Lax youth – their excitement was tangible. It wasn’t about “giving away” though, it was about “giving back”. Every player who grabbed a new Easton stick was asked to donate their old stick back to the program for other kids to use as more people joined.

 Grow The Game Tour: Denver

The players’ energy was contagious and everyone was buzzing throughout the clinic. No matter what new skill or trick the coaches threw at them, the players would try over and over until they would get it.

Brett Queener and Matt Gibson taught the kids showed-off several cool stick tricks and clever ways to score a goal and Cort Kim shared with us why he loves the game so much, it was a very special day and an incredible first stop for the Tour.

Quite possibly the best part of the day was after everything was all packed up and several people had already left. A dozen or so kids brought out some small goals, split into two teams, and started up their own game of lacrosse, no pads necessary.

Grow The Game Tour: Denver

The fun didn’t stop there though, as soon as the Clinic was over, everyone packed-up and headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for the Duel in Denver for the Recycle Lax Tournament and plenty of pregame fun!


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